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kandystriper's Journal

19 December
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Enid Blyton schoolgirl + Emily Strange + Alice Cooper + Father Dougal Maguire + Jeanette Krankie = me. Add vodka and too much sugar into the mix and ya get the idea. I also love a man in uniform.

a man in uniform, ade edmondson, alex kapranos, alice cooper, alice in wonderland, ally sheedy, amnesty international, ardal o'hanlon, arkanoid, ash, beck, beetlejuice, bette davis, bjork, blackadder iii, bloc party, blur, british sea power, bubble bobble, call-an-ambulance-i-think-she's-dyyy-iing, carol ann duffy, caroline aherne, carrie, caviar, cecil beaton, cheesecake, chief wiggum, chris morris, corsets, courtney love, da tin white dook, daft personality tests, dave grohl, david bowie, daydreaming, dear gwendoline mary, depeche mode, doc martens, doughnuts, drawing, eddie izzard, edward scissorhands, elastica, emily strange, emma peel, father ted, feminism, fibre optic lamps, fog, franz ferdinand, friends, fugazi, gang of four, garfield, ghost world, gigs, graham coxon, hanna barbera, harry hill, hole, hugh laurie, ikara colt, interpol, jack dee, james dean bradfield, johnny depp, josef k, joy division, julie christie, karate, karen o, kenickie, kurt cobain, lauren laverne, lost in translation, ludwig, mansun, mew, milhouse, mission of burma, moulin rouge, muttley, my privacy, name that beard, nick drake, nicky wire's grin, nirvana, ooh la la!, parma violets, paul merton, pilot fish, pj harvey, placebo, plastic jewellery, psycho, radiohead, ralph wiggum, reading, roses, seafood, shopping, smashing pumpkins, snake from the simpsons, spiders, stella street, stephen fry, steve buscemi, sweets, sylvia plath, ted and ralph, the body shop, the breakfast club, the clash, the cure, the exorcist, the great gatsby, the jam, the kills, the pixies, the slits, the smiths, the strokes, the sugarcubes, the wedding present, the white stripes, this is spinal tap, thomas hardy, thora birch, tim burton, toenut, two-scoops-of-mash-one-chop, velvet, victorian nighties, vv's hair, wacky races, wetherspoons, wine, wire, withnail and i, wolves, yeah yeah yeahs, young ones, ziggy stardust, zines, zippy